Running a digital advertising company is complex. advertisingERP is a software and services company that helps Publishers and Agencies simplify how they operate. advertisingERP is built on the world’s most deployed cloud ERP and CRM platform, NetSuite. From quote to cash, we integrate data and processes in NetSuite with your ad tech to create a flexible, end-to-end business operating system that is 100% in the cloud.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson

One Solution for your entire Advertising Business

Build a foundation for selling the future of digital advertising

advertisingERP is a technology hub that transform’s NetSuite’s powerful cloud-based ERP and CRM platform into an end-to-end solution that Publishers and Agencies can actually run their businesses on.

More than just integration, advertisingERP provides business processes automation that works the way advertising companies do. It delivers the tools to drastically reduce or remove manually processes that hold back advertising organizations by connecting powerful sales, finance, fulfillment and reporting tools with mission critical data in your advertising technology. The result is a centralized business operating environment that transcends traditional limitations for advertising organizations.

How could advertisingERP benefit your role?

  • Introduction
    We've designed advertisingERP to deliver real benefits for all of your teams, from Sales, to Finance, Ad Ops to Management, we deliver tools that simplify how you run your business.
  • Sell Simpler. Sell More.
    advertisingERP aggregates and organizes all of your available inventory and presents it in intuitive tools for advertising sales users. We use nuanced inventory attributes, targeting, channel and packaged inventory and other essential components of your inventory to make it easy for sales users to build responsive campaigns.

    With advertisingERP your sellers are able to bundle inventory and sell across all of your channels as easily as selling a single placement. It also provides sales management with the ability to create packages that help position lower priced inventory while helping to maximize yield though pricing and discount enforcement. Behind it all is the industry leading cloud CRM and inventory control platform providing you greater detail on how your sales teams and products are performing than ever before.
  • Finance Automation & Accuracy
    advertisingERP provides finance teams with instant access to all the data points involved in a campaign; IOs, campaign data, external reconciliation data, all in reports and tools that make reconciling and billing campaigns much faster. Not only does this take the guess work out of reconciliation and billing by delivering a full-integrated environment, it eliminates the manual processes involved in extracting, consolidating matching and massaging data.

    This integration, automation and access to data dramatically reduces time to bill and improves your billing accuracy. We like to think of it as transforming your finance team from ‘research and reconcile’ mode, to ‘bill and collect’ mode.
  • AD OPS Automation
    The lack of connectivity between sales, finance and Ad Ops has created information islands bridgeable only by the manual efforts of your dedicated Ad Ops and Trafficking teams. This means some of your best and brightest people spend as much time thinking about how to move data between systems as they do about the strategic and revenue generating aspects of their roles.

    advertisingERP breaks down data silos with integration and automation that transforms ad tech data into information CRMs and financials systems can use. We eliminate the need to manually extract, format or otherwise tinker with data outside of the platform. Instead, the integration moves your data, allowing your Ad Ops team to focus on higher-value tasks like yield optimization, new product packages and helping your organization sell more.
  • Meaninful Business Intelligence
    advertisingERP centralizes the large volumes of raw data produced by your ad tech, transforming it into information your financial and sales tools can understand. This allows NetSuite’s powerful business intelligence and reporting layer to go to work on IO trends, campaign performance, inventory value and pricing and hundreds of other aspects of your business. advertisingERP provides dashboards, trend reporting based on actual history and a centralized reporting repository that delivers a single version of the truth.

    You’ll recognize patterns and trends, see opportunities and plug revenue holes you never knew existed. It’s the power of centralization, the power of real-time and the power of advertisingERP.

Built on NetSuite Technology

advertisingERP is built on world's leading cloud business platform. See why NetSuite is the business platform of choice for over 25,000 businesses around the world

Learn how advertisingERP can transform NetSuite into a Advertising Business Platform

advertisingERP extends NetSuite by integrating it with your ad technology like ad servers, networks and third-party reconciliation tools. We have a simple implementation process for existing NetSuite customers that's fast and will maximize your investment in NetSuite.

Learn How We Extend NetSuite
advertisingERP is built on NetSuite, the world's most powerful Cloud-based ERP and CRM platform.

NetSuite ERP delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a rapidly changing business. NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

Learn More About NetSuite

Advertising Tools for the Advertising Industry

Purpose-built tools for Publishers & Agencies, built on the world's leading cloud business platform

Enable your sales team

advertisingERP delivers a purpose-built sales environment built on top of NetSuite’s award-winning CRM and order management platform. We’ve created a real advertising sales environment your team sells real inventory in real time with the flexibility and tools they’ve always dreamed of.

From opportunity to signed IO, advertisingERP gives your team the right tools to sell easier, faster and more.

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Bill faster, collect faster.

advertisingERP removes the manual processes involved with getting and preparing billing data. We deliver a dedicated environment for your finance users that helps them quickly reconcile and prepare bills that can be immediately sent to clients.

With advertisingERP you can bill a campaign as soon as it ends with just a few clicks.

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Reports that matter, always on time

advertisingERP delivers a centralized operating environment that connects the departments and people across your entire organization. Centralized, real-time data powers timely reports, trend and variance recognition and dashboard that help users and managers make better decisions.

How would having one, accurate and complete version of the truth change the way you run your business?

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Complex technology made simple

Rapidly changing and complex technology has long been a consistent roadblock to standardizing and streamlining the way Publishers and Agencies operate. advertisingERP provides the technology to connect and simplify how sell-side businesses work.

We remove complexity through intelligent integration and replace it with cloud-based business solutions used by over 25,000 businesses around the world. advertisingERP delivers a technology-free solution to the complexity in your industry.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson