Running a digital advertising company is complex. advertisingERP is a software and services company that helps Publishers and Agencies simplify how they operate. advertisingERP is built on the world’s most deployed cloud ERP and CRM platform, NetSuite. From quote to cash, we integrate data and processes in NetSuite with your ad tech to create a flexible, end-to-end business operating system that is 100% in the cloud.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson

Seamless Integration

advertisingERP delivers seamless integration between NetSuite’s ERP and CRM, our own advertising-specific tools and your advertising technology like ad servers and networks. It’s one solution, no gaps and no workarounds

By building advertisingERP on top of NetSuite we have built on a foundation of powerful business management and reporting capabilities and workflows. What we have achieved with advertisingERP is to extend and expand NetSuite’s capabilities, connecting it with your advertising technology and providing tools specifically designed for sell-side Publishers and Agencies.

We’ve taken the best and made it better, creating a cloud-business platform advertising business can actually operate on.


How does advertisingERP extend NetSuite?

Using the powerful business tools already in NetSuite, advertisingERP augments and transforms NetSuite into a business operating system for Publishers and Agencies.



Integration & Data

Business technology augmented for advertising

advertisingERP acts as a technology hub for NetSuite, providing access to data previously locked away in ad tech system. The integration and advertisingERP environment provide a powerful platform to centralize and interpret data, and to apply workflows and processes that are unique to your business.

Transform ad tech data into business data

Ad Tech data is typically bulky and unformatted. The advertisingERP platform interprets data from your ad tech systems, translating it into meaningful information for NetSuite to operate on. This allows you to connect your business system to as many inventory systems as you use without ever slowing down.

Sales & CRM

Ad Sales Tools
Leverage NetSuite CRM for Ad Sales

advertisingERP’s Campaign builder creates detailed Campaign Lines using real-time inventory that are instantly integrated with NetSuite’s Opportunity and Quotes for a complete advertising CRM

Closed-Loop Selling
The entire sales process inside one system

Through tight integration with NetSuite, advertisingERP allows sellers to create IOs using real-time inventory, produce and track multiple versions of proposals in NetSuite, and even submit IOs for signature digitally from NetSuite CRM.

Ad Ops

Accurate Inventory
See everything you sell in NetSuite

advertisingERP uses NetSuite’s powerful item master to create an accurate picture of the sites, devices, pages, placements etc. that you sell. Ad packages, channels and groups are recorded for valuable reporting and fulfillment.

Third-Party Publisher Managment
Automate third-party ad buys

advertisingERP leverages NetSuite’s Vendor and Procurement tools to create a centralized publisher and partner management portal. Automatically create POs in NetSuite for IOs that include 3rd party inventory, and track your partner inventory centrally.


Faster invoicing through integration

advertisingERP automates campaign reconciliation by integrating with campaign performance data and/or your 3rd party reconciliation tool. Once ready to bill, campaigns are instantly integrated with NetSuite invoicing for faster billing and collections.

Better Reports and a Faster Close
Improve your finance operations immediately

advertisingERP leverages the ad tech data, campaign performance and other key data to produce a powerful, centralized data repository. It puts crucial data at their fingertips making building reports and closing periods faster and easier.

Reporting & Management

Revenue Protection
Approval workflows keep pricing and discounts inline

Integration between the advertisingERP sales process and NetSuite CRM provide customizable approval controls that help ensure that yield and profitability are maximized, and rogue discounting is prevented.

Revenue Forecasting
Real-time & accurate revenue forecasting

advertisingERP extends NetSuite’s sales-based revenue forecasting with real-time delivery-driven revenue reporting. Understand the revenue earned on each campaign based on delivery, and see where revenue will hit in the future.

Compare NetSuite and advertisingERP

advertisingERP builds on NetSuite strong business processes, enabling sell-side Publishers and Agencies with must-have integrations, tools and automatons to operate and grow their businesses.


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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson