Running a digital advertising company is complex. advertisingERP is a software and services company that helps Publishers and Agencies simplify how they operate. advertisingERP is built on the world’s most deployed cloud ERP and CRM platform, NetSuite. From quote to cash, we integrate data and processes in NetSuite with your ad tech to create a flexible, end-to-end business operating system that is 100% in the cloud.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson

Revolutionizing Publishers and Agencies with Data and Automation

advertisingERP fundamentally changes the way Publishers and Agencies operate by automating unnecessary steps and infusing your processes with real-time data.

Selling advertisements the traditional way can require dozens of steps: Research, emailed information requests, waiting, more emailed information requests, more waiting, a healthy dash of phone tag and an unhealthy dose of Excel. It puts many steps and too much friction between your people and your customers. The same is true for Finance, Management and anyone who has had to wait days for campaign performance reporting, campaign billing and other business critical information.

For a Publisher or Agency to operate at its best each of these steps must be simplified and streamlined. The Sales and Planning team must be able to see all available inventory, in real time. Ad Ops and Trafficking need the exact details of what was sold, what to execute and what to buy. Your finance team needs campaign performance data, reconciliation data and sales data to accurately bill. This information is critical to your business. It must be complete, it must be accurate, and must be available to the people powering your business.

advertisingERP centralizes your data (all of your data.) That means your inventory, sales, finance, campaign performance is available in real time. We translate, format and push this data between processes and departments as they need it, totally eliminating the need for data re-entry, Excel and email. Our automations and workflows reduce labor-intensive tasks like re-entering campaign specifics into ad servers, breaking out IOs into ad-buys for Third-party publishers, and automating campaign performance consolidation and invoice creation. Our tools simplify campaign build-out and close the loop on the sales cycle.

With advertisingERP you get more workflow and less workaround, more execution and less waiting and more revenue with less costs.

advertisingERP Transforms How You Sell, Bill and Collect Ads

Learn how advertisingERP impacts your business across key groups within your company.

  • Overview

    There’s a problem with the way companies have been approaching software tools for sell-side organizations.
    It seems like Publishers and Agencies are forced to make a choice between the lesser of two evils: Do they adopt advertising-specific solutions that are light on business and operational capability? Or, do they opt for more powerful business tools that treat advertising inventory like widgets?

    advertisingERP is a solution inspired by this conflict. Our solution? We’ve focused on leveraging the strength of the world’s best cloud business platform, designing and building the advertising-specific tools, processes and integrations to create the industry’s first end-to-end ERP, CRM and reporting platform for sell-side advertising businesses.

    What is it?

    advertisingERP is a cloud-based platform that connects to, and transforms NetSuite’s powerful ERP and CRM solution into a sell-side advertising platform. Built on Amazon’s AWS framework, advertisingERP creates a bi-direction integration between NetSuite and your ad technology stack. That means ad servers, networks, trading desks, reconciliation tools and whatever else you may use to sell and track ads. Through these integrations, it accesses all of your inventory and campaign data from the ad tech, as well as the sales, finance and other key data from NetSuite. advertisingERP stores this data in a centralized environment specifically designed and organized to work with information about campaigns, IOs, rate cards, rate models and other information crucial to advertising businesses.

    What it does?

    With all of your business information available in real-time, advertisingERP delivers a series of tools, automations and processes that remove the manual effort typically associated with running your business. It pushes and pulls data between the CRM and ad servers to build, launch and monitor campaigns. It streamlines campaign actuals pushing ready to invoice data to NetSuite’s fulfillment and financial components. It provides detailed reporting on any aspect of your business, instantly.

    Why NetSuite?

    Simply put, NetSuite delivers the very best available finance, fulfillment, CRM and reporting tools in the cloud. NetSuite has all of the tools your organization needs to be successful, and with advertisingERP, it has the data. Whether you’re evaluating solutions for your business, or you have an existing NetSuite implementation, advertisingERP can help transform the way your business operates.

  • Purpose-built Sales Advertising Sales Tools

    advertisingERP provides your sales team with a powerful cloud CRM that is purpose-built for selling advertising. It extends NetSuite’s already powerful CRM tools like opportunity reporting, activity tracking and quote building to look, think and act like advertising sales users need it to.

    We do this by integrating key elements of NetSuite’s CRM with our ad sales tools. Tools like the campaign builder that uses real-time inventory from all of your inventory sources to provide relevant media based on targeting criteria, price and availability. It provides a seamless interface for combining and building responsive cross-channel proposals that help you differentiate your offerings. The pricing controls make it easy to mix premium and lower-value inventory on any campaign, delivering higher profitability and avoiding a picked-over remnant inventory that is hard to move.

    Paramount to our integrated approach is advertisingERP’s ability to centralized your entire inventory, creating a single product catalog for everything you sell. Whether you’re using 100% trafficked inventory, or you support a mix of 3rd party publishers, online and offline media, services or other products, advertisingERP can support it. Each aspect of your proposal is captured in NetSuite, ready to be sent out to your client, reported on or even digitally signed. The entire sales processes becomes a closed loop, generating one version of the truth.

    With advertisingERP, everything is captured and reportable. Offloading the burden of forecasting and campaign performance from sales and ad ops, giving them back more time to focus on selling profitable campaigns.

    What can advertisingERP do for your sale teams?
    • Campaign/IO builder that delivers real-time availability, targeting and other inventory attributes
    • Build flexible ad products on the fly or enforce channel rules
    • Rate and discount approval rules safeguard yield/revenue
    • Sell ads, services or other offline products through a single interface
    • Bi-directional integration with NetSuite and ad tech to eliminate data reentry
    • All sales activity and history is captured and reportable
  • Finance Automation for Publishers and Agencies

    When you’re building financial and accounting management tools for Publishers and Agencies, it doesn’t hurt to have the world’s most deployed cloud ERP behind you. Offering more tools, automation, reporting and flexibility than any other accounting package available, NetSuite empowers advertisingERP and your business to take control of your billing, payments and profitability like never before. advertisingERP dramatically reduces (by 50% or more) the time your finance team spends acquiring, organizing and reconciling campaign delivery data.

    Our powerful integrations source campaign delivery data as soon as it is available, compiling and processing it and transforming the reconciliation and billing process into a few simply steps. The seamless integration with NetSuite sees invoices automatically produced and delivered to your clients on your schedule. Reporting is significantly improved with real-time access to your delivery data from your own, and 3rd party ad servers. advertisingERP makes it easy to import delivery data that’s unavailable via integration so that every aspect of your campaigns and offering can be billed and tracked in the same way. Clear, accurate and fast billing, with far more time spent analyzing data than acquiring it, advertisingERP helps finance departments do were built for.

    Revolutionize your finance department with advertisingERP:

    • Extracts campaign performance data/actuals directly from ad servers, performs consolidation for unconsolidated data
    • Applies user-defined logic for managing under/over deliveries
    • Allows for visual, campaign-by-campaign reconciliation, and direct edits to campaign billable amount
    • Use campaign actuals, IO/sales data and/or third-party reconciliation data to reconcile sold vs. delivered, and what should be billed
    • Automatically generate and send invoices in NetSuite
  • Ad Ops Automation

    An efficient Ad Ops team is the lynchpin of any successful sell-side advertising business. They are involved in virtually every process underlying the creation, execution, optimization and billing of a campaign. Unfortunately, this means that Ad Ops and Traffickers can quickly become stop-gaps for data silos and disconnected processes, a lack of integration and reporting and other shortcomings. advertisingERP is designed to empower your Ad Ops and Trafficking teams to focus on higher-value strategic tasks by providing the integration, automation and processes that frees their time. Replace data entry and you get better support for sales. Focus on campaign yield optimization and contract revenue rather than manual report building. Empower sales, finance and management with dashboards and accessible reporting, and your Ad Ops people become revenue weapons ready to boost the bottom line of each campaign and your business.

    From proposal, to sale to delivery, data never leaves the advertisingERP workflows. This eliminates the inaccuracies and manual data entry that has become typical of the multi-system environments advertisers often use. Reporting also immediately improves with ad server and campaign data available for use with NetSuites 100s of reports. advertisingERP allows Ad Ops teams to work faster, smarter and more accurately, and allows your company to transform Ad Ops from a stop-gap to strategic resource hell-bent on revenue.

    advertisingERP immediately and dramatically improves the way Ad Ops work:

    • Inventory and campaigns are 100% accurate when synchronized with ad servers and inventory sources
    • Full-cycle Campaign management (from proposal to execution) is done without rekeying
    • Eliminate need to extract, format and send data to other departments
    • Trafficking and targeting information pushed into ad servers to remove rekeying
    • 100% of proposal and fulfillment history tracked and reportable
  • Publisher Management Automation

    Whether establishing their own private ad network, or simply augmenting their inventory and offering, many Agencies and Publishers rely on the relationships with third-party publishers, and their inventory, as an essential component of their offering. However, managing third-party party inventory can be complex, with some publishers allowing direct trafficking, while others refuse to use anything but their own ad servers and tags.

    advertisingERP simplifies the management of third-party inventory by including it in your centralized product catalog. You can integrate with your partners ad servers, or simply import their inventory into advertisingERP for seamless inclusion in your campaigns. Once IOs including parter inventory have been approved to run, advertisingERP will automatically generate Purchase Orders in NetSuite that can be sent to your partners to reserve and purchase that inventory and provide complete trafficking instructions.
    Reporting is streamlined and improved as well, allowing you to easily generate publisher pitch, win and performance reports directly from advertisingERP. Integrated purchasing, receipt and accounts payables provides you a clear picture of how healthy your relationships with your third-party publishers are.

    • Seamlessly sell your own inventory, third-party, or blended from a single campaign configuration interface
    • Centralize and manage third-party inventory via integration, or using ‘offline’ methods like .csv
    • Automatically generate third-party ad buys (Purchase Orders) based on approved campaign IOs
    • Generate payments based on campaign fulfillment data and rules
    • Report back to your publisher partners on how their inventory is being pitched, how it’s selling and how it’s performing in actual campaigns
  • Creative and Production Services

    Diversifying your offerings and revenue sources is critical to differentiating your business. In addition to your compelling inventory, you offer your clients creative services. Whether creative design/creation services, video production or other integrated services, managing and accounting for your projects is essential to profitability.

    Enabling your sales team to sell project services from the same interface as selling ad campaigns is only the first step. advertisingERP includes NetSuite’s powerful Professional Services Automation (PSA) toolkit as a key component of our solution. These PSA tools provide your organization with the processes you need to successfully propose, staff and bill projects large and small. It supports structures like time and materials, milestone, percent complete and other billing terms that provide your organization with the flexibility to sell projects of all shapes and sizes.

    Project management, profitability reporting, time and expense tracking, resource planning and reporting all flow from NetSuite’s centralized database. advertisingERP makes it easy to track and bill for these services as well, providing an easy way to combine advertising and services on a single invoice, or break them out separately as required. advertisingERP provides a seamless platform for combining, selling and managing your services right alongside your advertising offerings.

    Services & Project Management Features Include:

    • Project profitability and revenue tracking and reporting
    • Flexible billing methods (T&M, milestone, % complete)
    • Resource planning and tracking
    • Full project accounting and invoicing
    • Integrated services and ad sales
  • Advertising Business Intelligence

    advertisingERP transforms NetSuite’s already powerful Business Intelligence suite into an advertising specific reporting engine. Understand sales trends and forecasts, see the effect of delivery on revenue forecasts and know how your inventory performs in real-time, or at any point historically. advertisingERP takes reporting out of the realm of manual spreadsheets to build actionable dashboards, variance reports and searches that enable your executive and operations team to see that data in the ways that are meaningful to each.

    Perhaps most importantly, advertisingERP can work with your organization to build any report or search not already available, and prepare your team to use the NetSuite reporting engine to quickly build ad hoc search queries on their own, for any need. The flexibility, accuracy and completeness of the data and reporting available in advertisingERP is a reflection of our approach to integration which ensures data is immune to the errors or manual entry and rekeying. We deliver a single version of the truth, it’s up to you to decide how to use it.

    Fast, accurate and flexible data makes for unbelievable reporting:

    • Accurate and real-time Revenue and Sales Forecasts, any time of the month
    • Sales reporting and trend by product/site/placement
    • Transform delivery, profitability and inventory performance data from Ad ops only, to company-wide with dashboards
    • Clear financial, operating and sales positions, sliced and diced to any specification
    • Imbue NetSuite’s 250+ reports and searches with valuable, real-time advertising data
  • Technology & Integration

    If there’s an industry that develops, changes and adopts new technology and practices faster than the advertising industry, we haven’t seen it yet. The constant innovations, iterations and change that characterizes the advertising industry is exactly what makes it so challenging.

    Luckily, advertisingERP has been designed with flexibility in mind. Its powerful process engine and databases are built on Amazon’s AWS elastic computing environment, so our clients can grow and change as fast as they like. Our powerful integrations create a bi-directional highway between NetSuite and your ad tech, translating, formatting and making sense of the mountains of data your business produces. Platform agnostic integrsation methods ensure that whatever the technology you may adopt next, advertisingERP can support it. Our approach to NetSuite has followed their stringent ‘Built for NetSuite’ guidelines, ensuring that the solution is seamless.

    advertisingERP provides Publishers and Agencies with a 100% cloud solution to the technology and integration they need to simplify how they run their businesses.

    Flexible and adaptable architecture is the key to our success:

    • Immediately connect to industry leading ad servers and networks
    • Flexible architecture ensures fast development for any new connections
    • Built on Amazon’s AWS ‘Elastic Computing’ environment, no matter how much data you throw at it, advertising ERP can handle it
    • ‘Built for NetSuite’ certified integration with NetSuite ensure seamless upgrades and maintenance
    • advertisingERP is customizable platform. We work with your team to develop features and capabilities quickly, as you need them

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson