Running a digital advertising company is complex. advertisingERP is a software and services company that helps Publishers and Agencies simplify how they operate. advertisingERP is built on the world’s most deployed cloud ERP and CRM platform, NetSuite. From quote to cash, we integrate data and processes in NetSuite with your ad tech to create a flexible, end-to-end business operating system that is 100% in the cloud.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson

Trading Progress for Profitability? You don't Have to.

advertisingERP delivers the technology and process automation to multiply your revenues without multiplying your workforce

Digital advertising has given media companies access to an unprecedented array of audiences, devices, and targeting platforms. But while publishers are able to reach more people than they ever have, the complexity of maintaining their increasingly fragmented operations has soared.
Without a centralized infrastructure to manage these operational challenges of selling digital media, media companies are stuck maintaining spreadsheets and hiring people just to keep up with their workflow. Meanwhile, their operations costs soar and their margins shrink.




Stop-gap, workaround, detour… Whatever you call it, advertisingERP is here to put an end to it.

advertisingERP provides the Advertising Industry-specific process, workflows and reports so you don't have to make do with workarounds any more.

There is a cost to all this innovation. Whether it’s a lack of time, resources or the technical challenges associated with integrating the ad tech stack, Publishers and Agencies are forced to hire, use spreadsheets and otherwise work around the rapidly changing ways they operate. Quickly, the processes and workflows advertising businesses depend on become dependant on manual effort that is time consuming and error prone. That’s no way to scale. advertisingERP provides a centralized framework in NetSuite’s ERP/CRM platform that is flexible and able to support whatever workflow your business demands. Our integration, specialized tools and advertising sales, finance and ad ops specific processes transform the ERP and CRM into advertising-specific tools that automate and control your unique processes. The result? A business operating system that delivers ad server-to-accounting workflows and processes, enables reporting across all aspects of your business and provides a unified view of how your business is performing. You should be able to collect more of the revenue you sell, and measure yield across all of your products.

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Increase Revenue

advertisingERP’s integration enables your sales team to see their entire inventory, trafficked and third party, in a single catalog. Our campaign configurator allows sales ops and planners to quickly build campaigns with accurate inventory data, creating flexible and compelling ad packages that conform to pricing rules. Proposals, signatures and executions are all generated, tacked and captured in the CRM for a fast, efficient advertising sales platform.

Reduce Ad Ops Costs

By connecting NetSuite’s ERP and CRM to your ad tech stack, advertisingERP unites your data on a single platform, allowing our powerful processes and automations to streamline most aspects of your business. By breaking down the data silos and connecting your processes, advertisingERP reduces a huge amount of manual tasks, and eliminates manual data handling, the single greatest time waster for Ad Ops resources. The result sees your Ad Ops teams focused on valuable strategic activities that save, and make money.

Improve Yield and Profitability

While advertisingERP makes seeing and selling your inventory easier and more flexible, it also helps sales and revenue managers ensure they’re getting top-dollar for what is sold.
By configuring and ‘locking down’ ad packages to reflect a mix of premium and less premium inventory better average pricing can be achieved. And advertisingERP helps enforce pricing and discounting rules through approval routing, all of which helps achieve and protect your revenue.

Advertising Business Intelligence

advertisingERP delivers visibility from ad server to accounting, and everything in between. By combining your advertising and campaign specific data in a format the ERP and CRM can understand, NetSuite’s 200+ reports are enhanced. Specific reports that speak to the ways advertising companies view and report revenue provide real-time insight into the critical indicators of your business. No more waiting, no more batching and no more partial information. advertisingERP delivers real business intelligence for advertising businesses.

Bill & Collect Faster

advertisingERP enables your finance team to quickly and accurately prepare, reconcile and invoice your campaigns in-house. With direct access to sales/IO information, campaign performance data, third party data or other sources, we give your finance team the tools to review campaigns, decide what to bill and automatically create and deliver invoices to customers. advertisingERP allows your to bill quickly and accurately at any stage of the campaign, which reduces your time to cash is dramatically.

Simplified Business Technology

If you’re like most advertising companies you’re using (and paying for) multiple systems to run your business. advertisingERP immediately eliminates the need for standalone accounting, CRM, fulfillment and other integration systems. In its place, NetSuite’s award-winning ERP, CRM and advertisingERP’s powerful advertising tools. A purpose-built, all-in-one system for your business.

10+ Years Delivering Successful Business Solutions

Our commitment to our Customers ensures we are always working to develop better solutions and technologies toward your success

Industry Expertise

advertisingERP was born out of nearly a decade of working with companies on all sides of the advertising industry. We’ve been in the trenches with our clients and we know what Publishers and Agencies need to be successful

Customer Success

Our customer success team is backed by our consulting, technology and leadership team. There’s no length we won’t go to in order for out customers to be successful.

Commitment to Delivery

advertisingERP is part of Trajectory, a cloud ERP and technology consultancy that has delivered over 200 successful NetSuite, and other cloud technologies projects. Strong project delivery and sound consulting are a part of every advertisingERP solution.

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http://renzojohnson.comWeb Developer: Renzo Johnson